Writing a Wowing Clinical Psychology Personal Statement

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Why Might You Need Our Clinical Psychology Personal Statement Writing Help?

Clinical psychology is possibly one of the largest fields within the range of psychology subtopics and those that choose this career path should have a desire for discovery. Listening, learning and being able to dissect problem areas are essential skills for what is needed to be a successful clinical psychologist who aims to deliver a counselling service. With good career prospects and excellent starting salaries around the $70,000 area this branch of psychology has become extremely popular and getting a placement at a university has become very competitive. Having a strong clinical psychology personal statement to back up your application has, therefore, become crucial if you want to be considered for a placement at any of the leading institutions.

A child psychology personal statement is a lengthy essay about yourself and is the key part of your whole application. Many other candidates will be applying with similar grades to your own, but they aren’t you as a person, with the skills and experiences you have. So to show an admission committee that you are the best candidate that fits their program requirements, you need to stand out as a person and not be just an assigned number. Your clinical psychology doctorate personal statement is your chance to distinguish yourself from other candidates, to let them see that you are more suitable for the clinical psychology program by letting them see the real you. Writing personal statements for clinical psychology is not easy and should be well planned out paid attention to, not just hastily written out.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Clinical Psychology

Your psychology personal statement should include an overview of who you are as a person, your strengths and experiences and any skills which highlight your suitability. This can be challenging to even the most accomplished writers but by looking through clinical psychology personal statement examples, you can get a sense of just how detailed you need to be. However, never copy from these, an admission review board wants to read about you – in your own words and by copying; you put your whole application for their psychotherapy program in jeopardy. To help you, our experts have created the following guide to writing a successful personal statement for clinical psychology to make you think about what to focus on and include:

  • List the reason for why this area of study interest you and why you are suited to it?
  • Include if you have any previous jobs or training that relate to this line of work
  • Have you taken part in any projects that help demonstrate your capabilities?
  • Highlight any skills you have that make you an ideal candidate
  • Why do you want to study on this particular program?
  • Give details of your plans after acquiring your PhD – further research study or employment

clinical psychology personal statement sample
It may be the case that you will be given a specific question to answer which doesn’t include needing any of the above information, but by paying attention to the following tips, you are able to produce a winning clinical psychology personal statement:

  • Start with an attention grabbing hook or a related anecdote, quote or question in order to get them focused on what you have to say.
  • Explain the defining moment that helped steer you toward a career in psychology.
  • Always be honest, if you do make it to an interview, they will quickly ascertain you have lied.
  • Make it concise. Most instructions will specify how long the personal statement clinical psychology should be. If a word count is not mentioned, stick to one to two pages maximum.
  • Be brief and avoid using long and confusing words or overly long sentences.
  • Don’t include information that you have listed in other parts of your application; resume for example.
  • Don’t include any clichés, superlatives or quotes.
  • Keep the information relevant. Your personal statement for clinical psychology masters should only focus on this and not that you like long country walks etc…
  • Always check for errors. Make sure there are absolutely no mistakes and that it is professionally presented.

Alan Bullock, careers adviser @ Which? University says:

Don’t simply list off the skills you think you have – think about which ones relate most readily to the course you’re applying to. Then demonstrate how you’ve developed, used and continued to strengthen these

Top 10 Programs That Will Need a Knockout Clinical Psychology Personal Statement

The following is a list of the best 10 clinical psychology programs that are available in the world as of 2016. As you can see, they are some of the most prestigious universities and you and guarantee that competition will be extremely high for getting a place on any of their programs. Your clinical psychology personal statement will have to superb to single yourself out for a placement at any of these:

Apart from a Strong Clinical Psychology Personal Statement, What Other Documents Are Needed?

Getting onto a clinical psychology program at any university will require quite a lot of paperwork to be included by you. However, your clinical psychology personal statement is the only one you get to write yourself about you and should clearly be the best representation of all the positive aspects about you. Other documentation will include:

  • The Application
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic records or transcripts
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test results or similar, SATs etc…
  • Test of English as a foreign language – if English is not your first language

Our Experts Can Help with Writing Personal Statement for Clinical Psychology

Our team of experts understands that having the best personal statement for clinical psychology is crucial to showcase your suitability for the program and gets you singled out as the most appropriate candidate for them. By letting our experts assist with your clinical psychology doctorate personal statement, you will also benefit from the many advantages our professional services also offer:

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