Counselor Personal Statement That Will Succeed: 8 Tips to Bare in Mind

counselor personal statement tips

Why Might You Need Our Professional Help with Your Counselor Personal Statement?

With excellent career prospects and comparatively huge entrance salaries of $180,000, it’s not hard to see why the counseling branch of psychology is so popular. This trend is set to rise even higher up to 2024 with a predicted employment growth rate of 20% which is much faster than that of all occupations. However, counseling psychology is not as simple as people believe it to be; focus is needed to be placed on important developmental matters such as emotional, vocational, social, educational, health-related and organizational concerns of people in order to help them the best.

While a counselor personal statement may not seem high on your to-do list when searching for available programs, you can pretty much guarantee that if you don’t take the time and concentrate on getting one done, you will start receiving one rejection letter after another. A personal statement for counselling psychology doctorate is your one and only chance to show an admissions review board your personality, establish your ability to write and display your desire to attend their program. Just like others within this area of study such as a forensic psychology personal statement, you need to describe in detail your values and goals and highlight your strengths so that your character shines through.

Professional Help through Our Counseling Psychology Personal Statement Samples

Your personal statement for psychology should primarily focus on why I want to be a counselor essay writing, however, is far from easy, especially when the topic is all about ‘me’. Having a counselling psychology personal statement sample such as the ones we can supply you with can provide an excellent source of information for content and layout to get you going in the right direction. When you do start to plan out your own mental health counselor personal statement however, make sure to:

  • First and foremost allocate yourself an appropriate amount of time to write your personal statement counselor. It can sometimes take ages to get it right so don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Thoroughly plan out what you are going to write, expect to do at least two drafts before settling on your final statement.
  • Concentrate on trying to give them a statement which is unique, include information that none of the other candidates will be able to offer up.
  • Don’t use complicated or fancy language; keep your sentences simple, straightforward and well structured.
  • Show some enthusiasm in earning a postgraduate diploma in their counselling psychology program.
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate about anything. You will be asked questions based on the information contained within your personal statement and will be caught out at an interview!
  • Be specific wherever possible; rather than saying that you like to read, specify what authors you enjoy and why.
  • Don’t copy from any other source, your counselor personal statement is about you in your own words. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated at any level and you may find your application will proceed no further.
  • Don’t simply include lists of activities and skills as they appear on your resume, pick those which are relevant to the program and add detail on how they will help with your studies.
  • Lastly, always check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Proofread thoroughly before sending off your application.

Faculty at the Macalester college in Minnesota suggest that:

If you start with many ideas and details in your first draft, you can then select from among them to emphasize the experiences and qualifications that are most closely aligned with the focus of each program. For example, your summer work in a lab might be worth two full paragraphs of an application to a psychology program that emphasizes research, but only two sentences of an application to a counseling-oriented program, in which case you can devote those two paragraphs to your volunteer work at a suicide prevention phone line.

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The Current Top 10 Counseling Psychologists Programs in the World

You could spend hours upon hours simply searching for a counselling psychology program online that suits your needs. Just about every review of the courses on offer includes unique descriptions that offer excellent learning environments, world class faculty and research centres in which to further your studies. By doing some digging around on our own, we have come up with a list of the 10 best programs in the world based on reputation and research impact:

Other Documents Which May Be Required with Your Counselor Personal Statement

While the personal statement for counselling psychology doctorate is often thought of as playing the most pivotal role in getting admissions review board members interested in the candidates they would like to interview, it is not the only document which is taken into consideration. Other documents also play their roles in ensuring that potential candidates meet the criteria for being selected in the first place. These include:

  • GRE / SAT (or equivalent) test results
  • Letters of recommendation (up to 3)
  • Official transcripts
  • Proof of education results
  • Program specific supporting documents (If required)
  • Official English test results (if not your first language)

We Can Help with Your Counselor Personal Statement

Unless you’ve had any experience with descriptive writing, it can be difficult to put yourself on a pedestal and list all the positive items in a way which will draw the attention of the reader. Through supervised practice, however, our experts are able to show you how to expand your own skills and help you to achieve a level of writing that will enable you to create a perfect counselor personal statement which can individually target each specific program you are applying to.

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